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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  September 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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attempted kidnapping be responsible for another child abduction in northeast ohio? >> hopefully we're only looking for one individual that's bold enough to walk into homes in the middle of the night with parents sleeping and abduct children from their beds. a popular store posts part of a halloween kosgei halloween costumes. thousands of workers fired after a scheme when customers information to open up fraudulent accounts. the motive behind the theme. parents in north ridge dale tucking thinker kids in a little tighter after getting fliers from a wanted child predator. a new case from 2015 in the
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her bed in the middle of the night. megan has been following this story all day. megan, the fbi believes it could be connected to two other high profile cases. >>reporter: anita, we've been reporting on the child abductions for months tied to a single suspect. we learn there could be a third victim in north ridge dale. a subdivision in north ridge >> we walk into each others garages and houses so i would not have thought twice. >>reporter: but now these families are on high alert after a door knock and flier from the fbi about a child predator. >> that's terrifying. >>reporter: this unnamed want abducting a 10 year-old girl and trying to grab a 10 year- old girl from her bed. a story that's early similar to a kidnapping of this girl in
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she was asleep in herrera bed when a suspect entered the house. >> and snatched her out of bed. picked her up out of bed and carried her out of the house. >>reporter: the girl escaped and returned to her sleeping parents. now the fbi wants to know in this case could be connected to the same suspect. >> it's something we're obviously looking at because of the similarities. >>reporter: some neighbors are upset they didn't know about the case sooner and others asking why here in. >> why not neighborhood that's quiet and gonna be unsuspecting. i think that's probably part of it. >>reporter: there is a $20,000 reward for information. anyone with information is asked to contact the fbi. live in cleveland, megan, news channel 5. >> thank you, megan. >> here is another look at the sketch of the man police and fbi are looking for tonight. the search for him expanded
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departments in toledo, innap like i say, buffalo -- indianapolis, buffalo and others. witnesses heard about ten shots in the area of east 105th and park gate around 9:30 tonight. then they saw a man lying in the street shot. no word yet on his condition and we'll have updates if issue you on good morning cleveland starting at 4:30 a.m.. we have ne brought you last night at 11:00 p.m.. cleveland police sorting out details of a shooting during a child custody transfer. in the police first district parking lot the child's father is the suspected shooter. the boyfriend of the mother is the victim who says he was shot in the chest during a fight between the two. the suspected shooter was immediately arrested. also a barrage of gunfire on cleveland's east side last
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that victim speaking exclusively to news channel 5. he says she was laying in bed reading the bible when he first heard those gunshot ands felt the bullets flying past his head. more than two dozens shots fired on east 40th near central. number of homes hit. one of the bullets hit him in the leg. >> i seen all the blood gushing. i didn't know where i was hit but seen that i was hit in the leg. just see everywhere. leaving trails of blood and panicking because i've never seen such a sight. i ran and just told my mom. told my mom, mom, i got hit. >> lock heart said police got to his house fast but the shooter got away. he was happy no one else was hurt. cleveland police unveiled it's proposed use of force today. it will require use of force to
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officer. the proposal defines when cleveland police officers are not allowed to use force including against someone who's already handcuffed, has only verbally confronted officers or against persons who did not impede a legitimate law enforcement function. victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and other crimes can feel a little more protected in ohio tonight. the state launched the new safe at home program today which lets victims apply for confidential address from the secretary of state's office if they're worried about their attackers finding them through public records. those can be used for any business for a government agency like registering to vote. they'll forward mail to their real address. another hot day today. will it be hot enough again tomorrow to keep kids out of school? >> answer is no. humidity slightly lower with highs in the mid 80s.
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excruciating hot in the classrooms. thunderstorms persistent for some of you this evening. live on facebook showing you these storms along u.s. rout 30. there's that batch pulling through the canton area, dover, new phillie, heavy, heavy rain fall throughout the evening and now seeing lingering sprinkles toward wooster and mans field. dry, 76 right now, 76 akron, 74 in canton, could be a little foggy tomorrow morning as you get up and go as well. here we go, mainly cloudy. no lightning bolts here. lows tonight, lower 70s. same for the canton area with a little isolated thunder about 3:00 a.m.. another round of big time rain and another cool down coming why issue way. those details coming up.
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reports of the 5.0 magnitude earthquake. south korea believes a nuclear test tonight and north korea conducted it's fourth test earlier this year as it works on a nuclear armed missile that could possibly reach the united states. the phones will connect callers to police. frank wily shows us, it's not enough to make everybody feel safe. >>reporter: these have been popping up around town but an investment that's not stretching far enough. folks are encouraged to call and get through to 911 directly from these emergency lines. the city of lorraine told us it strives to improve the safety and wellbeing of its residents. no good if it's not common knowledge.
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most days and nights but every steps, stories of what's gone wrong on these streets loop in her mind. did you feel safer knowing they're here? >> not really. >>reporter: she wishes these were scattered through side streets and dark allies. >> it's a good idea. they have it on college campuses and it helps safety. >>reporter: peggy told us safe city a fact as much as a feeling. i. >> i don't it's necessary but i haven't heard a lot of issues landing. >> a lot of drug activity and a lot of shooting. >>reporter: a few blocks difference shows contract but crystalizes more up close on foot. these are visible at night and three around town and city leaders say more should be popping up soon. in lorraine, frank, news channel 5. more questions on the lot where 11 women were found
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to clean it up want to know why the trash they collect can't be picked up. a group came out to pick up the lot where the home once stood to honor the victims. they picked up trash from nearby lots and put it all in one spot but no one ever came by to pick it up even after phone calls. >> blatant disrespect for the black women killed here and as you see we're trying to do something great in the community by maintaining a memorial >> plans for that memorial she's talking about were unveiled two years ago and supposed to be completed last year. now we're told the group behind the project hopes to have the first phase complete by the end of october. a grim picture of the deadly toll the heroin epidemic is having on our community.
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combination. 330 people have died from ods just in cuyahoga county this year. heroin epidemic in this state so bad, krogerer has decided to stop selling fake syringes meant to be a halloween accessory. several parents complained saying it send the wrong message. they're ballpoint pens and kroger responds and did so quickly apologizing and telling their stores to get these off follow up to make sure they're gone. thousands of workers at one of the nation's biggest banks fired over a scheme that used your personal information to help them meet sales quotas. what they did that left customers paying extra fees. thieves leave little leaguers without a way to play ball so the pros step in to help them get on the diamond. want to keep your friday dry but may have a lit the problem with that.
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into the weekend coming up next. sounds like a dream come true for many of us. burritos delivered to you. added bonus, by a drone. where it's happening and the
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police are trying to figure
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that forced an evacuation of the cincinnati zoo today. dogs swepted zoo and nothing found. a specialist response team had to shoot and kill harambe after a 4 year-old boy fell into the enclosure. no word of threat was kicked. more than two weeks after the deadly earthquake hit that central part of that country. a cat was found stuck in the debris of a at first he was eventually freed and taken to a veterinarian where he was found to be dehydrated and suffering from a fracture in his jaw. >> news channel 5 at 11 loves good story ands a local baseball league burglarized and vandalized this week gets help from the pros. they help deliver a donation to the baseball league today. the indians are giving the
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baseballs and a $2500 check to cover anything else stolen after someone broke into maple wood park. >> don't have baseballs, can't play baseball; right? so again, to be able to once we hear that, to be able to help out in this little way, but that hopefully will have a big impact and get these kids back to playing. >> that's what it's all about. let the kids play. baseball equipment they took food and cash and cut the cord on the park's alarm system. in democracy 2015, donald trump says if elected his first budget would give $20 billion in federal funding to create a grant that would help poor children. under trump's education plan, kids in low performing public schools would be able to enroll at charter or private schools. the republican nominee made that announce want at the
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sciences academy. >> this is the new civil rights agenda of our time. the right to a safe community, a quality education, and a wonderful job. >> today's stop in cleveland marks trump's latest attempt to reach out to african americans. polls show hillary clinton holding a wide lead among black and other minority voters. the charter school serves about 325 predominately african american students. it's a scheme that sound like it's out of the movies or something. wells fargo workers using customers personal information to secretly open more than two million unauthorized savings and credit accounts. it's true. investigators say it was all to hit sales goals. now more than 5,000 of the banks workers have been fired. wells fargo has been fined $185
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transferring money from customers real bank accounts without their permission leaving many customers with fees and channels . >> this is a major victory for consumers. consumers have to be able to trust their bank. >> wells fargo said in a statement they regret every interaction that was not handled properly and the number of instances and team members involved are only a small portion of their business. still not good, rob. >> not the cuyahoga board of health said they have an improbable case of west nile. the cdc said only four human west nile cases in ohio. most people will not have symptoms. adults 50 and older at the greatest risk of getting seriously ill. as for the other mosquito born virus, 80 mothers to be in florida have tested positives if i have for the zika virus. doctors in miami treating a
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related birth defects. 56 cases contracted in florida alone and many more cases are expected. doctors say the long term affects of the virus still unknown. oh, you heard him, os scc rex launched into the space. it will spend a few years with samples to return to earth. it could unlock secrets of our solar system's past and figure out a way to avoid a collision between the earth and asteroid and looking for mark johnson's home. you're ready to go home; aren't you? >> well, i go home for holidays. you know?
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to my home planet. we can face time. we call it space time. >> space type, yes. mj phone home. >> what we got going on? maybe dover new phillie and youngstown through the day tomorrow. keep an eye on that. here's the band of showers, the heaviest rains pulling off east of interstate 77. still moderate rains in yellow just outside of canton toward alliance and robertsville, salem, carrolltown getting good amounts of rain isolated showers lingering along that
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as well. dry to the knot. could be a sprinkle for the next couple hours anywhere in northern ohio but i think tomorrow the best shot for just an isolated shower, we're talking ten percent or less chance here, will be inside this little red trapezoid if you will. wooster, dover new phillie, canton, keep the mention there through tomorrow with partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. 76 cleveland, 74 akron, 74 -- canton. we had 87 in cleveland and akron thanks to clouds and rain. the dew point has not lowered at all. 73 dew point want that's muggy. tomorrow dew points will fall back a few clicks, mid 60 degree dew points so will lower a bit but not till sunday when we get that real good sweep of much cooler drier air to come in. that will feel much better to all of us.
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clouds, they'll thin out a little bit. again, draw in our fronts, saint louis, up toward detroit is where the current front is located. it drops in and stalls out and moves back as a warm front. can't totally get rid of the humidity. tomorrow clouds around, maybe an isolated shower. this low, which is former hurricane newton will bring in a good round of rain and thunderstorms saturday, especially mid to late afternoon so any outdoor plans saturday, keep isolated thunder warm and humid. tomorrow, little bit cooler. you go a little farther south and can't rule out an isolated shower. 87 so muggy again, storms are likely. some could be severe and sunday, there's the cool down. 73 degrees with sunshine, back into the 80s monday and tuesday and more fluences and thursday. -- fall wednesday and thursday. students and workers at
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burritos delivered by a drone. people can order their food from a kiosk and made at a chipotle food truck on site and deliver today a specific area. the burritos won't be dropped from the sky and plat on the ground over you. the drones will lower them using a at the timer and it's google's latest test of drone deliveries. trying things out saying delivering food will help th >> that makes me a bit hungry. up next in sports, the brown's first game of the regular season around the corner. the head coach lets us know tips he's going to give wide receiver corey coalman. that and -- coleman.
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handful of rookie ands the first game in the pros for several rookies including a draft pick corey coleman. head coach anticipates some nerves for the new players with some added pressure of being a first round pick. he gives him words of wisdom before taking the field. >> a the lot of respondent comes along with being a first round draft pick. let's not worry about that but play the best you can play. everyt of itself. we know he's very talented so just play the games and let's not get, you know, tied up by all the other thought processes that could go through your head. >> big weekend of browns coming umm on news channel 5. sunday morning, 11-noon, browns count down live in philadelphia. then on after the game, we'll have recap on the sports sunday
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the protest that has divide the nation is continuing to gain attention and spread in its own way. doug tweeting out to express is desire to stand out together we'll hold the flag. what will the team will be doing it unclear. they play miami on sunday. colin cammer nick stirred up continue verde animal i didn say -- kaepernick stirred up controversy by not standing for the national anthem. yesterday says he plans to donate $1 million to help bridge the gap and address inequality in our society. the tribe finishing up a hen game home stand this afternoon with a final game of a four game series against the houston astros today. indians up 6-3 in the bottom of the fifth when abraham extends
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indians take an 8-3 lead. still in the fifth and carlos santana blasts one to right and going into the stand. a two run homer, 30th of the season. indians hold on after an hour rain delay in the sixth to beat the astros 10-3 to split the series. next up for the tribe, they'll hit the road and head to minnesota to start a seven game
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there we go, showing you saturday evening in case you have plans. all that green stuff -- >> who would have plans on a saturday evening. >> lots of green and timing up in the air. know that saturday is likely to be wet weather, at least a little while for everybody. especially mid to late afternoon.
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>> my grandfather told me that. >> but not on your baseball game. >> that is true. >> tennis match, not good luck. >> i stand corrected. >> and on that note, we want to thank you for watching news channel 5 at 11. >> have a great night and we'll see you right back here
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tom hanks. and music from kaleo. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm happy that you are happy. i really am. you picked a great night to join us. tom hanks is here tonight.


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